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Titanium is considered to be a rare metal, which is due to the nature of its existence relatively dispersed and difficult to extract. But its relative wealth, ranking tenth among all the elements. Titanium ore rutile and ilmenite are mainly distributed in the earth's crust and lithosphere being. Titanium also exist in almost all living organisms, rocks, water and soil. Actual production, through processing of titanium sponge, titanium products can be manufactured, titanium equipment and other molding products. Titanium equipment is divided into titanium reactor, titanium condenser, titanium tank, titanium cooler three categories, respectively, for different industries and process environment. Since titanium has a low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good heat transfer performance characteristics, widely used in many industries. Hereinafter, Branch-Titanium titanium equipment mainly in the field of marine engineering, pharmaceutical industry, etc., will be described below:

Application of marine engineering equipment in titanium

Offshore oil exploration titanium equipment

Marine engineering titanium has become one of the main areas of civil applications of titanium. Deep-sea oil and gas extraction equipment, or nuclear submarines, diving equipment, etc., are involved in titanium equipment, light and corrosion resistant titanium and titanium alloy materials to the attainment of marine equipment, high-performance, long life and high reliability make a major contribution.

Offshore oil equipment including oil platforms and ancillary equipment, ancillary equipment crude oil cooler, up tubing, pumps, valves, fittings and fixtures. These devices are in contact with sea water and crude oil sulfide, ammonia, chlorine and other media. Since titanium has excellent corrosion resistance in these media, so the United States in the early 1970s on the use of offshore oil platforms pillars made of titanium in its oil fields, while the manufacture of titanium tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers . US oil drilling platform in the North Sea about 100 using titanium heat exchanger.

Early desalination plant using copper alloy, carbon steel and other materials, because these materials are not resistant to seawater corrosion, low productivity, and soon was excellent corrosion resistance to seawater titanium instead. Desalination, the main application of titanium is desalination unit heater tubes. Saudi Japanese company Nissan 30,000 tons of fresh water distillation apparatus 10 constructed with titanium tube 3200 tons, average daily production of 10,000 tons of equipment, required 107 tons of titanium. Our Tianjin, Shandong and other places were all built or under construction desalination plants.

Titanium and its alloys in a wide range of vessels, hull structure, deep-sea research vessel and submarine pressure hull, piping, valves, rudder, shaft brackets, fittings, devices powered propeller and propeller shafts, heat exchangers, coolers, hull sonar dome and so on. In addition, the device is also used titanium marine fisheries, ocean thermal energy conversion, and other fields, such as Japan in the artificial breeding techniques, extensive use of titanium metal and to maintain a certain water temperature of titanium tube heat exchanger; in the field of ocean thermal energy conversion, United States, Japan's major equipment evaporator temperature difference power plant, sea water condenser and straw, so the use of a loop system titanium equipment, have achieved good results.

In the application of the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry titanium equipment

Pharmaceutical production process, media, equipment corrosion equipment in contact hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, sulfuric acid and its salts and organic solvents and other very serious. If regular maintenance shutdowns will affect production. Moreover, corrosion of the equipment generates pollution also affects the quality of the product.

Air-drying apparatus of the pharmaceutical industry, including pipeline, screw feeder, heaters, cyclones and other equipment, the use of stainless steel equipment to produce significant corrosion, corrosion products of iron ions may also contaminate the product, so that the products of excessive levels of iron , affect the quality of the product. Selection of the corrosion rate of only 0.0008 ~ 0.003mm / a titanium material can solve the problem of iron contamination.

Titanium equipment manufacturing automation level

Another significant gap between China's titanium equipment manufacturing technology and automation level of the developed countries is not high. Automatic cutting domestic professional titanium equipment titanium plant, automatic welding, CNC drilling and other automation equipment can not meet the requirements of large-scale and specialization. Many large-scale equipment for industrial applications, must rely on mechanization and automation of the production process to achieve. Therefore, we should strengthen efforts to develop technology, and strive to improve production efficiency, improve the level of automation equipment manufacturing, thereby improving the quality of titanium equipment.

Titanium welding equipment level

In recent years, foreign welding technology has developed rapidly, new welding equipment, welding technology are emerging. Weld quality and a substantial increase in labor productivity equipment. The presence of titanium equipment manufacturing enterprises in this regard is obviously insufficient, we should continue to develop and apply new welding equipment, narrowing the gap with developed countries.

The level of production of titanium equipment manufacturers

Titanium is a reactive metal, easily contaminated iron, dust and other contaminants. Therefore, the production of titanium equipment to be carried out within the clean room. Even with China's titanium Enterprise relative isolation of the clean room, but in the plant's cleanliness, iron pollution control equipment and specialized tools figuration with foreign manufacturers is still a certain gap. Domestic titanium equipment manufacturers of professional plant height, weight lifting can not meet the requirements of large-scale, widespread steel and titanium parts while construction and other unreasonable phenomenon, which may have an impact on the quality of titanium equipment.

Promote the use of titanium equipment and product serialization

At present, many domestic enterprises in the use of titanium equipment, give more consideration to the higher one-time investment in equipment, and therefore, as compared with foreign enterprises, use less titanium. China's titanium equipment manufacturing enterprises should learn from the experience the United States, Japan and other developed countries, from the life cycle, intensity and other aspects of the comprehensive analysis, the choice of titanium should be very good. Thus, the domestic titanium equipment enterprises should vigorously promote, promote the use of titanium equipment, market development, promotion of technology, to expand the application. Many of our titanium pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, fans, etc. have been widely used, but did not form a specific product line. Therefore, to market demand, strengthen the standardization of titanium product family, provide various series of titanium products.