Baoji Kehui Titanium Co., Ltd. , We are situated in Baoji, specialized in producing titanium and titanium alloy materials, non-ferrous metal processing enterprises. Main products are titanium rods, titanium alloys, titanium, titanium tube various non-ferrous target block, medical titanium, titanium standard parts, titanium equipment, titanium forgings, as well as refractory, rare precious metals: tungsten, molybdenum, zirconium Tanzania, niobium, nickel rod and sheet, foil, tape and other deep-processing products. Our products are widely used in various fields of national economy metallurgy, electronics, medical, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, military and other.

Among them, I produced titanium surgical implants, in terms of production and testing have strict quality control system, the mechanical properties of their products, microstructure, tolerance, ovality, in full compliance with GB / T 13810-2007 standard. Meanwhile, all products manufactured before, I go through ultrasonic testing (to ensure that no defects inside the product), and commissioned third party testing (chemical composition, mechanical properties, high-powered organization), according to a test report, complete to ensure that no substandard products factory life safety safeguard the interests of customers and the people.

Companies will always pursue integrity first, quality-oriented business philosophy. It has a strict management system, human service. Whether small samples or batches of products, the company must go through strict testing and strict record of each batch of manufactured products, we will work to help customers complete traceability of the product. Therefore, under the high standards of operations, the company's key regulators in many countries medical implantable devices are plant and chemical plant tree has a good reputation!