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Baoji Kehui Titanium Co., Ltd. located in Baoji Titanium City road in Shaanxi Province, China Nonferrous Metals - Titanium Industrial production base - Baoji Titanium Group across 500 meters distance; Baoji City Technology Bureau directly under the scientific research institutions, scientific Shaanxi Province technology Committee concluded. Branch-Titanium is in production, processing, marketing, trade, research and development in one of the modernization of private enterprises.

Our company was established in 2010 , has been " quality of survival, service and development " for business purposes, to enthusiastic mental state , pragmatic style of work , the company 's new product research and development , high-tech as the beacon , break a number of new technological challenges , to produce high-tech non-ferrous metal products , exports to the United States, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Japan, and other countries and regions, products widely used in aerospace , aviation, metallurgy, electronics , petrochemical, military medicine and defense technology companies and so on. After a long five years of development, the growing size of the company , now covers an area of 1300 square meters, fixed assets of 10 million yuan , annual output of 160 tons , the annual output value of 20 million yuan . Has three tons of vacuum furnace , 1 set of 2500 tons hydraulic machine, forging machine 2, vacuum plasma welding box 1, heat , cold machine 1 , CNC lathes , centerless grinding , machining centers a set of , while several of the testing equipment , with high-technology and other high- doctoral education profession 5 , professional and technical personnel 16.

We always adhere to the "integrity management, quality, customer first" principle. Always ensure product quality, the pursuit of customer lifetime value and brand benefits. Customers around the world, including international markets, including: the United States, Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada, Southeast Asia and other regions, wherever he went, product quality by the praise, and create multiple long-term relationship.

Endeavour collaboration and create a positive and progressive collective wisdom and technology nurture an honest and credible enterprises. Titanium Branch-class products, first-class service, first-class enterprises, a service for customers, and common development.

Baoji Kehui Titanium Co., Ltd, warmly welcome customers to inquire our products, to plant site visits, guidance, I believe we will provide you with quality products, satisfactory service.